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Data collection display modes for diode array.

All collection modes have a number of ways to display the data so that user can get a clear picture of what is going on and on details of interest. Here are some examples.

Kinetic traces averaged from 30 sweeps, 150 seconds, including 30 back sweeps.

Kinetic traces of a single sweep, 5 seconds accumulation time including the back sweep.

Kinetic traces averaged form 7 scans in a log plot. 300 x 7 measurements per point.

31 spectra covering from negative time to 500 ps. Scan with logarithmic time steps.

Spectrum with error limits (99% in red).

Top view with colour coded amplitudes. One cycle through the spectrum represent 9.6 m∆Abs. Sweep data averaged 30 times. 150 seconds, including 30 back sweeps.
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