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Analog to digital converter boards for single wavelength photodiode detectors.

Single Diode Master ADC Card
The Single Diode Master ADC Card reads the outputs from PD1 (pump), PD2 (probe sample) and PD3 (probe reference), each having its own 18 bit analog to digital converter. It provides the timing signals for the analog to digital converters. It can also adjust the gain on the inputs PD1, PD2 and PD3, both by change the analog gain and by selecting which 16 of the 18 bits the analog to digital converters provide that should be sent on to the computers. For PD2 and PD3 the card can do multiple readings (127 at 1kHz) to improve signal to noise further by averaging.

Single Diode Slave ADC Card
The Single Diode Slave ADC Card provides two additional inputs identical to the PD2 and PD3 inputs of the Single Diode Master ADC Card. The system can contain one master and four slave cards giving it the capability to handle totally eleven inputs.
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